Hello readers & Namaste

Dressing up in New Delhi, India(1999?)

I am currently an undergraduate student studying the Liberal Arts at Colorado State University with minors in Religious Studies and Cultural Anthropology.  I consider myself a student of life and while I am very full of ideas and opinions, I admittedly probably don’t know a darn thing.  I am curious, passionate, analytical, and sometimes frustrated, perturbed, and discombobulated.

“La Foi” was the name given to me by my French teacher of four years at my high school.  It means “the faith”.  It does not have any religious connotations, but is rather a nickname with significant personal meaning.  Faith is believing in something without knowing this something to be true.  Without faith, I would have absolutely no reason to get out of bed in the morning.  Without faith I would probably be dead in a ditch somewhere. So although the term is closely tied to Abrahamic traditions, for me, it means hope, it means believing that the sun will shine and the birds will chirp without knowing that this will actually occur. For me, Faith means believing in a bright, beautiful future, even though at times it looks very grave indeed.

“Confabulation” means to engage in conversation or talk, as well as to fabricate experiences as a result of memory loss.  We shall focus more on the first meaning, as I don’t plan on making much up, however the mental phenomena of confabulation is quite fascinating.

So, taken together, this blog is about discussing things that I do know, might know, and don’t know.  It is about discussion, questioning, and perhaps believing in something better than the often sad state of the world .

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(Coming soon… A picture where I don’t look like an insane person)


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