Sometimes being serious doesn’t work

I started off with this blog thinking that I’d change the pace and write something light hearted about myself or tell a sentimental story, or write a poem or something.  But I am not feeling sentimental.  In fact, I’m kind of frustrated.  Woke up late, dealt with my darling yet hyper St. Bernard mix, missed the bus, caught the next bus, was late to class, was hungry… anyways, you get the picture.

In one of my classes we’ve been reading Martha Nussbaum’s book, as you may already know, and she encourages imaginative and creative processes to develop our own empathy and individuality.  We’ve also been talking about creativity in regards to writing in my Writing Online class.

After running around all day, being angry with myself, angry with our country, about to cry for problems of the world, I realized something.

Sometimes I need to sit down, take a deep breath, feel the sun on my face, remind myself how fortunate I am to be alive, and then laugh.

Yes, the world is a fucked up place and most days I feel helpless to better any of the social ills.  But I also have to remember that I need to take care of myself.  I should run myself that bubble bath, lay out in the park and get a sunburn, watch Sex and the City all night with my boyfriend named Bottle of Wine.  And as Nussbaum stresses, I should unleash my imagination and be creative some time!

We grow up drawing with crayons, finger painting, making mud pies, macaroni necklaces, egg carton ants, the list goes on.  Every once and a while we have to revert to our awesome little child selves and get messy with paint or glue, or write ridiculous poems we pray no one will ever see.  It’s too easy to get wound up in academic research papers or the pondering of our futures.  These things can get depressing after a while.

For a change, let’s get loose! I think for once I’ll relax about the whole failing education system problem, and chop up some magazines and glue the bits all over my refrigerator (my roommates with LOVE that).  Or I’ll turn the shitty pop music on full blast and jump around my room like a raving lunatic.  I’ll pick up my dusty guitar or write in my journal to expel some demons.  Whatever it is, we must exercise some of this creative energy.  Life’s too short to be serious all the time.

But perhaps we’re feeling serious and don’t want to relax?  Put that into some art! Head bang to some Pantera, or journal about how angry you are.  Paint a super morbid mural all over your wall.  Creative energy doesn’t always have to be hunky-dory.  Sometimes the most creative things come out when we’re feeling tortured.  Put emotion into your creative expulsion.

Let’s be silly, fervent, creative, and completely insane.  Let’s nurse our individual uniqueness and imaginative spirit.  Put down the books, or the computer, or the anarchist’s journal.  Have a margarita and paint some wild post-apocalyptic vision of the future.  Or write a song about your crazy uncle.  Walk around the house pretending you’re Charlie Chaplan.  Whatever you like to do, do it.  Relax, and have some fun.  I know that I’m prone to sudden implosion if I don’t chill out now and again.

Use some imagination, get funky from time to time.  Let your inner freak fly.

Getting funky with some blue paint


2 thoughts on “Sometimes being serious doesn’t work

  1. jbuffetti says:

    I couldn’t agree more about needing to unleash you inner child every once in a while, and while life can he chaotic some times, its totally about finding things that make you happy. Music is one of my biggest outlets!

  2. Dobs says:

    Thanks for the supporting comment at Ripe2Gripe: American Gargoyle. Great minds really do think alike, apparently.

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